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Upcoming Liturgical Service Schedule

Holy Thursday – April 17 6:30p – Matins with Twelve Passion Gospels Holy Friday – April 18 11a – Royal Hours 3p – Vespers 6p – Lamentations Holy Saturday – April 19 9a – Vesperal Liturgy  9p – Reading of Acts 11:30p – Pascha Service Pascha – April 20th 1p – Agape Vespers  Pascha Picnic […]

Youth Happenings

Pascha Picnic

Christ is Risen! Pascha Picnic Come join us for the 2nd annual Pascha Picnic at St Justin Martyr 12460 Old St Augustine Rd. Jacksonville, FL 32258 Sunday, April 20th Following Agape Vespers at 1:00 P.M. Everyone is Invited! … [More...]