For Parents

This page is designed to help nurture the church at home: the family.  Below are suggested resources to raise a child in the way that he/she may go (Prov. 22:6).  This collection is provided to offer guidance for children and teenagers who are bombarded from a post-religious / secular world.  Should you have any questions, I welcome you to contact me.


Orthodox Resources

This site offers great resources for parents to use with their children.  Included on this site are some wonderful articles on parenting and raising children in the Orthodox Faith, downloadable prayer books for family prayer time, links to free bible lessons, ideas for new educational materials and even podcasts.

Weekly Orthodox Family Listserv

Provided by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese this is a weekly resource for how to bring the life of the Church to your living-room.  You can subscribe or check out the extensive archives.  These emails are filled with ideas about to enhance how your family feasts, fasts, and worships within the life of the church.

OCA Youth Page

The OCA webpage dedicated to Youth Ministry.  This site offers free resources for families and children included opportunities for youth to get involved in camps, scouts, service projects and more throughout North America.

Movie Reviews

Stop me if you’ve heard this one: you sit down as a family to watch a movie and within ten minutes your mouth is wide open and your eyes are covered, completely shocked with what you have just begun to watch.  This website can help alleviate any frustrating moments with the latest DVD release.  Search its extensive database and it will tell you exactly what kind of content to expect with any given movie: how much violence, what type of language, or any sex, or drug content.

Relating to Teenage Media Sources

“The Source for Parents” – A Non-Denominational Christian website dedicated to helping parents stay in touch with a fast paced world.  Be sure to check out their “Free Resources and Ideas” which has a link to reviews on movies and music.  This a great resource for keeping up with the latest music tweens and teens are listening to, and how you might be able to initiate discussion about Christ and how to live as His follower.

Internet Safety

An extensive resource for internet safety resources including such topics as Facebook, Cybercrime, Cyberbullying, and internet safety.

Youth Games

Check out this site for 100% safe and educational games for children.  This beta site is provided by the Greek Orthodox Archdiocese is a great site for children filled with hours of entertainment and different levels of difficulty for the more advanced computer users.

A Blog for Orthodox Moms

Here’s one gateway to the online Orthodox community.  You can follow this stay at home mom and her latest adventures and interact with all her followers as she works to raise children in the Orthodox faith.  On her site are additional links and resources such as Lenten recipes, craft ideas, prayers and more.

Ancient Faith Radio

The source for online streaming of Orthodox music or talk programs.  Included are podcasts and programs available for download.


Below are links to the forms that may be required for activities

Parents Night Out Form

St. Justin Martyr Release of Liability

Required for any St. Justin Martyr activity.

Website and Social Media Release Form

Required for any St. Justin Martyr activity.

Sunday School Registration 

Our Sunday School Program runs from September to May every year at 9am on Sundays.  If you are interested in this program, we ask that you fill out one of our registration forms so we can have up to date information included address, email, grades, and birthdays.