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This is my commandment, that you love one another as I have loved you. John 15:12

Our Mercy Meal Ministry is a ministry to love each other by delivering meals when needed.

Some of the most common times of need are when families are welcoming new additions to
the family, recovering from an illness or grieving a loved one.

If you or someone you know needs a meal(s), contact the Parish Office or Theresa Madrid
(contact information in the online church directory). When a need for a meal arises, we will
contact the person/family and determine what they require to allow them to focus on
what they need to do without the additional burden of planning and cooking a meal.

Everyone in the parish is welcome and encouraged to participate as they can when a need
arises. We use the Meal Train application which allows us to set up a sign-up calendar for the
meals needed, provides information about any food allergies that may exist, and contact
information for coordinating delivery of the meals. The link to the meal train will be listed in the
electronic and weekly bulletins.



I would love to help, but I can’t cook! Or - I would love to help but cannot deliver a

  •  No problem! Let Theresa know if you want to make or deliver a meal and we will
    match up those who cook with those who drive!

 I am not able to cook a meal or deliver, but want to participate – how can I do that?

  • Thank you for asking! Meal Train offers the ability to purchase a Door Dash gift
    card to deliver a meal from a restaurant of their choice. You can participate that
    way as well! If you are not computer savvy or uncomfortable about purchasing
    online, just let Theresa know and we will work that out.

 I’m having trouble navigating the Meal Train link.

  • Just contact Theresa and she will help you out.

Any other questions?

  • Contact the church office or Theresa and let us know.
  • Tue

    8:30am Men's Breakfast at Bob Evans on Hartley Rd
  • Wed

    6:30p Vespers 

    7:00pm Faith Enrichment & Newcomer's Class
  • Sat

    St. Justin Martyr
    10am Divine Liturgy
    6:00pm Great Vespers

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