Sermon: Alone with God

Sermon: Calm in Chaos

Sermon: Making a New Year’s Resolution

Sermon: Sunday after Nativity

Sermon: We are Family

Sermon: Our Spiritual Heritage

Sermon: Love Reconciles

Sermon: Restoring the Fractured

Sermon: Joyful Sorrow

Sermon: Holy Compassion

Sermons: In the Fear of God with Faith and Love

Sermon:Put Not Your Trust in Princes

Sermon: Be Immersed in the Word

Sermon: Hope in Christ

Sermon: Come out and be Separate

Sermon: Fishing for Souls

Sermon: The Wedding Garment is Our Lives

Sermon: The Foundation is Christ

Sermon: Basic Fundamentals Wax On- Wax Off

Sermon: Having Mercy

Sermon: Though I walk through the Valley of the Virus

Sermon: Habits Make Us

Sermon: To Tell the Truth

Sermon: Obedience is Essential

Sermon: Stop Clinging to Pigs

Sermon: The Authority of Christ

Sermon: Orient Yourself Towards God

Sermon: St. Jacob Enlightener of Alaska

Sermon: Reconciliation with Christ

Sermon: One in the Spirit

Sermon: Knowing God

Sermon: I Once was Blind

Sermon: Jesus Meets His Bride

Sermon: Sunday of the Paralytic

Sermon: Holy Myrrhbearing Women

Sermon: Antipascha 2020

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Saturday, May 16th-Divine Liturgy 10a Open to all Sunday, May 17th Divine Liturgy 10a Open to all Monday, May 18th, Vesperal Liturgy 6p Please give priority to those who are more have practiced social distancing and to those who are more vulnerable. Please do not attend if you have been unable to practice strict social distancing […]

Sermon: The Victory of Humility

Sermon: Living in the Desert

Sermon: God Calms the Storm

Sermon: Social Isolation and the Goodness of God

Sermon: The Home Church

Sermon: Coronavirus and Brotherly Love

Sermon: Let’s Be All In

Sermon: Love Forgives

Sermon: Mercy

Sermon: The Prodigal Sons

Love to the End: A Documentary about Mother Maria of Paris at SJM

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On Wednesday, February 26th from 7p-7:50p SJM will host a film documentary about Mother Maria of Paris: A Modern Saint, Martyr, and Heroine of the Resistance. Please join us!    

Sermon: God Hears the Prayers of the Humble

Sermon: The Light of the World

Sermon: Archbishop Mark

Sermon: Being Holy Water

Sermon: More Than a Sentimental Christmas

Sermon:Maintaining Peace at Christmas

Sermon: “Sent”

Sermon: Advent

Sermon: The Lord’s Day

Sermon: How Not To Be A Fool

Sermon: Slowing Down by Niko Birbilis

Sermon: How to Divorce Proof Your Marriage

Sermon: Making An Oblation

Sermon: Sharing Is In Our Nature

Sermon: Dr. Al Rossi 2019

Sermon: The Lord Shepherds

Sermon: The Golden Rule

Sermon: The Most Important Person in Church

Sermon: Check Your Ego At The Door

Sermon: Fulfilling Your Vocation

Sermon: Keeping Faith

Sermon: Storms

Sermon: Unity in Diversity

Sermon: The Strong Bearing the Weak

Sermon: How to Know God

Sermon: Take Up Your Pallet and Walk

Holy Friday Pictures 2019

Sermon: Sustainable Church Planning in Northern Uganda

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By: Special Guest, Deacon Simon Menya Visit St. Vladimir’s Seminary website to learn more about this wonderful young man and his mission.

Sermon: Have Hope