Sign up for Services for Kirk Lewis

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Because of Covid social distancing protocols, indoor attendance will be limited.  We will do our best to accommodate as many people as possible. For visitations, the funeral director will rotate folks as needed.  For the Funeral Service and Liturgy for the Departed, attendees will be pre-registered.  The Fellowship Hall will be open for overflow.  All services will be live streamed.  All attendees must be masked. 

Arrangements are as follows:

Monday, January 11th

Tuesday, January 12th

Click here for the live-streamed services.

May He who is risen from the dead, Christ our true God, establish the soul of His Newly Departed Servant Kirk in the mansions of the righteous and give him rest in Abraham’s bosom and number him amongst the just for He is a good God and loves mankind.