Updated DOS Archpastoral Directive & Impact of “Safer at Home” Executive Orders on the Life of the Community

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

Christ is in our midst! 

With the ongoing pandemic, in order to protect the faithful, yesterday afternoon Vladyka Alexander issued an “Updated DOS Archpastoral Directive”

Beginning immediately, the clergy are no longer to have “one-on-one pastoral interaction.” This means until further notice I am unable to hear confessions and distribute Holy Communion.  Furthermore, the church is to be locked when there are no services in the Church.  This means the church now is closed 24/7 except for the time of posted services.  

Attendance at any of the services is limited to essential personnel, i.e. choir director, singers, server, celebrant, deacon and one PC member to maintain video stream.  We are also unable to “rotate” people.   It must be the same folks for all services to lessen potential cross contamination. 

Last night the Parish Council held a special Zoom meeting to address the many challenges that we are now facing.  I am very grateful for their care, love and concern for this parish and all of you.   

Following biblical precedent (2Chron 30:1-4) when this is all over, Vlaydka will set a common date for all parish in the Diocese to celebrate Pascha.

You can read the Archbishop Alexander’s  full letter here:  https://d50c890e-3c75-49a9-96bb-e3d7d6595e11.filesusr.com/ugd/41320a_300391dc2d4145f5a77652b3a8b02505.pdf

As you know Mayor Lenny Curry has issued a “Safer at Home” executive order.  An SJMer spoke directly to the Mayor said churches can still operate under previous guidelines. 

Governor Ron DeSantis just issued a “Stay at home” order and churches are allowed permitted as an “essential activity.”

Confessions:  Though I am unable to hear confessions one-on-one, I am hearing them on the phone.  Wearing my cassock, cross and stole, I stand in the usual place, before the Cross/Golgotha and hear confessions.  This a practice I have done for years with my spiritual father and with SJMers who have moved away.

Prayers for loved ones:  Please email me any names of those who you would like commemorated for during the Sunday Divine Liturgy and I will commemorate them at Proskomeide.  Please know that it is the practice to pray for all SJMers every Sunday morning on Proskomeide.

Finally— some of us are not only “Safe at Home” but “Home Alone,” and lonely.  Please do not be reticent to call and check in on each other.  You will help brighten someone’s day. 

Please be assured of my love and prayers as we sojourn through these difficult days.

In Christ Jesus,

Fr Ted