High School Retreat Photos

This past weekend was our High School Retreat, ” Learning to Serve!” Our high school youth had a wonderful time learning how to serve. They spent the night at the Orthodox Christian Mission Center with friends from the parish who gave insight into the life of a missionary. In the morning, the youth assisted the mission center by trimming trees and clearing up the grounds. The money that could have been spent for the lawn care can now be utilized in the mission field.

Following lunch, the youth joined Robby Janssen in his ministry to serve our homeless neighbors here in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area. In both ministries, an important lesson the youth learned is that when we serve others, we are all working together towards our salvation.

Special thanks to our hosts and chaperone leaders who made this weekend extra special. Congratulations SJM youth for your hard work in serving the church and one another. Glory to God for all things!