Project Mexico 2018 Team Flying Out

Project Mexico 2018, June 15th-21st:

The week is finally here for our 2018 SJM Project Mexico team! They have all worked very hard to prepare for this wonderful opportunity to serve impoverished families through hands-on works of mercy. The team members are Matt Augenstein, Emma Brown, Victor Hesterman, Christopher and Kirsten Reeves, Jana and Andrew Sedmera, and Daniel Kindell as the group leader. We express appreciation for all that supported us and ask for you to keep us in your prayers. Our “fee” goes to building materials for the home. This year, SJM will see some new changes to the building process:

·         They will build a larger home for their family.

·         They will switch from wood to prefabricated steel frames.

·         They will put down the hammers and nails, and use screws and screw guns.

·         They will get to paint their house with a lime whitewash finishing.

·         Finally celebrate Project Mexico’s 30th anniversary of building hope.

We also ask that you pray for the family that we have the honor to build the home for, the boys and staff of St. Innocent Orphanage, and the ministry of Project Mexico.