Alternative Spring Break at SJM

Alternative Spring Break Huge Thank You!!

St. Justin Martyr played host to a 14 member group from the University of Tennessee Knoxville last week for their Alternative Spring Break. Their primary work was to minister to the immigrant and refugee populations in our area by repairing emergency housing, helping out with local English learning programs, and handing out emergency food and clothing. As part of their trip they lived on a tight budget to experience the life style of those they serve. 

They stayed in our fellowship hall, used our kitchen and showered at the nearby YMCA. In thanksgiving they planted 20 bushes around the youth building and cleaned the playground equipment. The leader of the team was a member of our parish St. Anne’s in Knoxville, TN. 

“We really appreciate you accommodating such a large group of college students.  I wanted to give out a personal thanks for showing us the church before we left.  Throughout the week we worked with multiple Orthodox refugees from Eritrea and a lot of our participants had questions about the church.  I know for me, getting to see 13 of my peers step into an Orthodox church for the first time was a truly amazing experience.  I already know a few of my participants are interested in visiting my church in Oak Ridge which would not have been possible without the generosity of your church.” ~ Olivia, UTK ASB student leader.