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Paying it Forward   

I have been asked by many a number of good questions about the work in Mexico and the opportunity to Pay it Forward by purchasing a used 4 wheel drive vehicle for Fr Serafin who is the only priest assigned to the twelve mission churches of Veracruz and Hidalgo, Mexico where there is an estimated 5,000 baptized Orthodox Christians. As mentioned last Sunday, these 12 communities are remote, located off hard to travel, slow going unmapped stone roads and providing a vehicle for Fr. Serafin will enable Fr Serafin to travel to and visit churches more frequently, from once every two months to 2-3 per week. Presently he is dependent on others for transportation. For example Fr Serafin would be able to serve Liturgy in one church and consecrate an extra Lamb for communion and then travel to the next village and serve an Obednitsa service, a Divine Liturgy without the anaphora but distributing the PreSanctified gifts from the previous service. This is done often in mission circumstances.

I am very pleased by the positive response that I have received from so many people. God bless you for your love for God and desire to enable the sharing of the Good News.

Because the people live subsistent in these villages they do not have the means to purchase a vehicle for Fr Serafin. The type of vehicle we want to buy (per the locals) is either a Nissan crew cab or a Jeep product because those vehicles are the easiest to get repair parts for. It will be relatively low mileage, good tires, and in very good mechanical shape. No bells and whistles.   By Mexican law if a vehicle is brought into Mexico it must be less than 10 years old. One of the 2015 mission team members is able to bring it into Mexico. We may also buy it in Mexico. This effort is collaborative and we will do what most practical and makes most economic sense.

We are calling this little campaign “Paying it Forward” in thanksgiving to God for the initial $75K in funds given to us to plant SJM. We ask that your giving be a matter of almsgiving or mission support, above the tithe, (we have a tight budget), above any commitment to the Debt Reduction program. We hope to complete this giving by Pascha so that it can be considered in your Nativity and Lenten Almsgiving.

For updates and more info visit our website and click on “Paying it Forward” under the News/Events tab. You may also give online by clicking here.