Sermon: Poverty and the Good News

Sermon: Dr Al Rossi

Sermon: Compassion

Sermon: Each Gives What Each Has

Sermon: Do Whatever He Tells You

Overnight Youth Retreat with Dr. Al Rossi

Welcome Dr. Al Rossi!  We are again grateful to Dr. Al for his being with us.  Beginning Saturday, October 14th, he lead the “Always Stay Humble & Kind” overnight youth retreat with our middle and high schoolers.  The students shared dinner, Vespers, the retreat with Dr. Rossi, and later had their traditional sleepover. They truly enjoyed this […]

Sermon: Cracked Pots

Sermon: Weathering The Storm

Sermon: Why Do People Worship?

Sermon: Reconciliation

Sermon: The Battle is the Lord’s

Sermon: Metamorphosis

Sermon: Fr Sergius Clark

Sermon: Fr. Justin Patterson

Sermon: Loving your Spouse

Sermon: Rock Bottom

Sermon: Fr. David Rucker

Sermon: Serving God With a Pure Heart

Sermon: The Father As Priest Of The Home

Sermon: Who’s “Who”

The Ordination of Deacon James Marth

Click to see ordination of James Marth to the Holy Diaconate by His Eminence Archbishop Mark on behalf of Archbishop Alexander.  Axios!  

Sermon: Ordination of a Deacon

Being Made Whole